Girlfriend Trip Ideas Thelma & Louise Would Be Proud Of

Are you excited to coordinate your next girlfriend getaway? Do you have the dates picked but no plans or girlfriend trip ideas? Don’t just wing it!

The only thing that’s more liberating than that Thunderbird convertible is a bus that takes you wherever you want to go! Explore some of the best busable weekend trips up and down the East Coast. When you don’t have to worry about driving, you can really cut loose and have some fun.

Girlfriend Trip Ideas - New York City

Magical sunset view of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA.

Bus Upon a Time in NYC

Where better to spend a weekend than New York? New York City isn’t your only busable destination, but it’s certainly one of the best known. You can rent a bus with your girlfriends, pile in, and head up to the City That Never Sleeps for a weekend of good food, sightseeing opportunities, and other girlfriend trip ideas.

If you’d rather skip New York City, consider heading north from Maryland to Niagara Falls. The Falls, along with the Finger Lakes, offer you the chance to dig your toes into the sand without having to deal with the Atlantic’s cooler temperatures. This watery weekend trip is perfect for college reunions and weekend trips.

Girlfriend Trip Ideas in Delaware

A seascape view at Cape Henlopen, Delaware in Lewes.

A Girl’s Day in Delaware

Do you want to spend an afternoon by the beach, catching up with the girls? Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware is a hidden gem. You can drive a bus up to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, then take the ferry to the state park. The sandy beaches and easy weather make this one of the best girlfriend trip ideas for relaxation and catch-up.

Sea the Jersey Shore

If you want to do New Jersey over New York, your options for entertainment are plentiful. Atlantic City serves as the state’s little New York City, offering you opportunities to enjoy delicious seafood and all of the iconic sights along the city’s four-mile Boardwalk.

Atlantic City New Jersey

Atlantic City Boardwalk at sunset.

Wheel Fun in West Virginia

West Virginia is a secret hub of weekend entertainment. If you want to get out of town and enjoy a combination of historic appeal and modern amenities, consider dropping by Harpers Ferry. While the town itself is relatively small, you’ll have ready access to outstanding seafood, haunted mystery tours, and boutique bed and breakfasts.

If you’re in the mood to spend your weekend hiking, consider bussing out to New River Gorge National Park. Here you have access to over 70,000 acres of hiking, mountains, and whitewater rafting. That is the ideal stop for any girlfriends looking to get back to nature while reconnecting with one another.

Harpers Ferry - Girlfriend Trip Ideas

Railroad Tunnel in Harpers Ferry, WV

O-Penn Road to Pennsylvania

A trip out to Pennsylvania takes you away from Maryland’s scenic hills and seashore and lets you settle inland. Philadelphia is a foodie’s paradise, making it the perfect pitstop for girlfriends who want to eat until they burst. History buffs can also make their way out to Gettysburg to spend the day diving back into the nation’s history.

Meet Virginia (by Bus)

Virginia may be for lovers, but it’s also for friends. Take a bus to Busch Gardens for the day or drive down to Virginia Beach. Nature lovers can make the most of a day spent in Shenandoah National Park, hiking through mountains and enjoying all of the scenic views the state has to offer.

Bus to the Tar Heel State

If you’re in the mood to spend the weekend with your girls spoiling yourself rotten, head to Biltmore Manor. Biltmore Manor lets guests stay overnight at one of its adjacent properties. If you take a bus trip with the girls, you can spend the weekend exploring the manor’s many halls, enjoying five-star food at the on-site restaurants, and making your way through the property’s beautifully cultivated gardens.

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