Why the Best Part of Traveling Can Be the Food

Has wanderlust hit you? You’re not alone. Millions of people are ready to hit the road and set out on their next great adventure! However, to cure your wanderlust, you’ll want to make your trip into an entirely immersive experience. Food and travel go hand-in-hand in creating that kind of experience. Are you not entirely sold? Here are a few reasons why the best part of traveling is food.

3 Ways Travel and Food Create a Completely Immersive Experience You Won’t Want to Miss

Sure, food and travel go together – after all, you must eat, right? But food when traveling is so much more than a necessity. When you really think about it, food is a part of the journey and experience.

1. You Can Experiment with Foods Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you’re looking for adventure, the last thing you want to do is follow the beaten path. Take this as a chance to step outside your comfort zone and try something entirely new! Skip the nationally recognized food chains.

If your destination is known for its Italian food, don’t stick to your tried-and-true spaghetti dish. Take this opportunity to give something new a try – maybe a Carbonara dish or Panzanella. Not only does branching out give you a completely different experience while traveling, but it also allows you the opportunity to bring your travels home with you by giving you new recipe ideas to try in your kitchen.

2. You Can Experience an Entire Culture Through Their Favorite Foods

If you enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, you’ll want to make sure you are doing more than visiting local museums and tourist hotspots. Sure, these locations are a great way to learn, but they don’t always give you that fully immersive experience you are craving.

If you’re visiting a location that is well known for its Thai food, then avoid the typical tourist restaurants. They tend to present menus that will appeal to travelers and their preconceived tastes. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a culture as exquisite as Thailand, then you want to seek out the spots that locals frequent. This is where you will find the most authentic dishes that are sure to give you the best experience possible.

3. Traveling for Food Can Take You Places You’d Never Imagine

Okay, unless you’re a dedicated foodie, then you probably have never made a travel decision based on the type of foods you are craving. However, if you’re trying to cure your wanderlust and just don’t know where you want to visit, traveling for food could help you pick your next destination.

If you’re craving fresh seafood, then you’re probably going to want to visit the coast or someplace where the seafood is bountiful. If you want a taste of the Caribbean, then look for places that serve up authentic jerk chicken and fresh fish.

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