Packing for Your Bus Trip: 5 Bus Travel Tips and Tricks to Make Your Ride Smooth

Planning for a trip is always exciting, especially when friends or family are coming along. If you’re bringing a large group of people on a weekend getaway or taking a class of students on a fun field trip, you’re probably traveling by charter bus.

Packing for a bus trip can be a little stressful. You’ll likely wonder what you should and shouldn’t bring. What are you going to need when traveling by charter bus? To get some ideas on how to pack for your bus trip, check out these five excellent bus travel tips below:

1. Wear Comfortable Clothing (and Bring Some More!)

The most important aspect of traveling in any manner is comfort. That is why one of the top bus travel tips is to wear comfortable clothing and have some more on hand. Whether it be a cozy sweatsuit or your favorite t-shirt and jeans, wear something that you know you’ll feel good in. The last thing you want is to be stuck in tight, restrictive clothing that feels awful.

2. Pack Sleeping Materials

One of the best charter bus travel tips is to pack sleeping materials. The longer the trip, the more time you’re likely to spend asleep.

Let’s be honest一buses were not built for sleeping. Even with the coziest of seats, you’re still going to need a little extra help to rest comfortably. That is why you need to bring sleeping materials like a good pillow and a warm blanket. You may want to choose a pillow designed specifically for travel, like a U-shaped neck pillow.

3. Have Snacks On Hand

While you might make a few pit stops, it’s not likely you’ll frequently pull over to grab snacks for your family. Having your own bites packed and on hand will help curb hunger and keep your smallest passengers happy on the road. Opt for healthy, filling snacks like granola bars and trail mix. These will keep you feeling your best throughout the trip.

4. Bring Entertainment

When it comes to charter bus travel tips, a major trick is bringing your own entertainment. No matter how beautiful the scenery is outside your window, long trips can get pretty boring. This is especially true for toddler and tween travelers. To fend off the doldrums, pack various forms of entertainment, like books, an iPad, handheld video games, and puzzle books. Also, make sure to bring the appropriate charging materials and extra batteries so you can make the amusement last the duration of the trip. Nothing’s more frustrating than having your phone die with hours to go ‘till your destination!

5. Pack Medication

One of the most critical bus travel tips is to always pack your medications. Whether it be a prescription medication you take every day or certain over-the-counter medicines, you should always be prepared.

The best trick is to make yourself a travel first aid kit that includes your everyday medications and a few OTC medicines you may need just in case. Whether it be painkillers, antihistamines, or digestive medications, you want to be ready for any medical issues you or a fellow passenger may encounter.

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