How to Travel with Large Groups on a Budget

Group traveling has its share of upsides, from making new friends and solidify existing friendships to sharing the fun moments and having plenty of laughs. Unfortunately, group trips also require a lot of organization and planning, which can be riddled with indecisiveness and tension. And, it gets even more complicated when you travel with large groups on a budget. Luckily, with a few travel tips, you can keep the costs down and enjoy a seamless, once-in-a-lifetime group trip adventure.

5 Money-Saving Tips When Traveling With Large Groups

Whether you’re preparing for a festival, church function, or school trip, consider the following money-saving tips when you travel with large groups.

1. Agree on a Budget

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Get the most out of your budget. Travel during the off-peak season (November- March) for lower rates, last-minute booking, and less traffic.

One of the most difficult aspects of group trip planning is agreeing on a suitable budget. Of course, most people have their own individual ideas on how much they’d like to spend while on vacation. Therefore, it pays to have a leader who will help the group stick to a budget and help everyone adhere to it.

A budget for necessities, such as accommodations, will ensure there are no surprises for anyone. You can also make some experiences optional so that the group members can individually decide to opt in or out.

2. Carry Your Food

Dining out can be exciting when traveling alone, but with a large group, the costs add up quickly. Instead of draining your pockets eating at expensive restaurants, consider purchasing food and drinks affordably and pack them for the trip. Besides, you can eat whenever you want – and this will save you the time and money you’d otherwise spend looking for a good restaurant.

For longer trips, consider cooking for the whole group. Sure, cooking will take time and effort, but it’s far more economical. Not to mention, it allows the group to eat what they want rather than what’s available on a hotel menu.

3. Charter a Bus

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Unlike booking individual tickets or taking your own car, chartering a bus is less costly, more flexible, and gives you more freedom on your group trip. At Chesapeake Charter, our buses are not only affordable but also maintain high safety standards and comfort.

Our state-of-the-art motorcoaches come with climate control, plush reclining seats, footrests, public address systems, restroom facilities, and video equipment among other amenities to make the group trip worthwhile. We also offer several options to suit different groups – from 14-seater mini-coaches to 56-passenger motorcoaches.

4. Use Alternative Accommodation

Accommodation for big groups can be both expensive and difficult to find. Hostels are a cheaper alternative to hotels because group members can freely share rooms and prepare their own foods. If your budget allows it, you can also consider holiday homes. They’re spacious, private, and come with amenities such as swimming pools.

5. Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

Traveling with a large group is stressful enough. But, traveling during peak travel seasons (i.e. mid-June through August) is a whole other beast. If your group is flexible enough, consider traveling during the off-peak season (i.e. November through March). There are a lot of benefits for your budget, including lower rates, last-minute booking, and less traffic.

Travel on a Budget with Chesapeake Charter

At Chesapeake Charter, we make your group trips happen! Whether you’re planning a church outing, concert, field trip, sporting event, wedding, or sightseeing tour, you can count on our reliable fleet of charter buses. If you’re organizing a group trip, give us a call at 1-800-304-3001 or request a quote online.