Driving Around Buses And How to Stay Safe

When it comes to driving on the road, safety is our number one priority. At Chesapeake Charter, we want to get our customers to their destination safely and on time. However, this isn’t your average vehicle. Honestly, driving around buses isn’t a huge part of drivers’ education. So, for a quick review and to help spread driving safely around large vehicles, here is a breakdown of what you should know.

Infographic - Bus Challenges - Bus Safety When Driving Around Buses

3 Steps to Staying Safe Around Buses

1. Be Aware of Blind Spots

It’s not only great to be aware of blind spots, but when possible, try to avoid them. This is where bus drivers cannot see other vehicles, especially small cars. Please keep in mind bus drivers can see more to the right than the left of the bus. Your best bet is if you can’t see the driver, they can’t see you. Be very careful when merging near a large vehicle as well. Also, make sure when passing a bus (or truck) to do so on the right-hand side.

2. Don’t Cut Off a Bus

When changing lanes in front of a bus, try to do so 20 feet in front of them. That’s a little over one car length. A good rule is to not change lanes until you can see the entire front of the bus in your rearview mirror. It’s hard to stop a big bus and takes them 40% more time to stop than a car. For example, when going 65 mph a bus needs two football fields to be able to come to a complete stop.

3. Give Space for Turning

Buses don’t have a tight turning radius so they need to take wide turns. They might even need to swing into the middle lane to turn in the opposite direction. This is why it is important to always stop before the white lines in an intersection. Buses require at least 42 feet to safely turn. This also helps them to not have to cut it short and clip any curbs.

Ultimately, it’s just being aware of your surroundings and sharing the road. When we all are patient, knowledgeable, and caring we can stay safe, together. For more ways to stay safe, check out the Federal Motor Carrier Dsatey Administration’s recommendations.