Why Traveling in January Just Might Be the Best Time to Go

When choosing the best time to travel, many people imagine a summer vacation with a sandy beach and gorgeous waves. However, many people don’t realize that traveling in January has its unique charm. In fact, depending on the destination, traveling in January might be the best time to go. Here’s why.

The Beauty of Traveling in January

Some places are actually much more beautiful in January. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, January is one of the best times to visit. Los Angeles has beautiful January weather with plenty of options for hiking, culture, and leisure activities. There are also plenty of museums, restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and incredible people. Here are some more reasons to consider January a great traveling month:

Less Expensive Accommodations

For most destinations, January is considered to be a slow tourist season. This means cheaper accommodations for you! Studies have shown that hotel accommodations throughout the month of January are typically at their lowest. So instead of spending the majority of your cash on lodging, save it for another part of your trip.

Best Time to Travel with No Crowds

How often have you watched the day slip by while you stand in line? One of the best things about traveling in January is that many people aren’t! This means you can often walk straight to your destination and spend more time exploring. Additionally, traveling in January means that your tour guide will have more time to converse with you. Overall, it’s a win-win scenario compared to booking a crowded trip mid-summer.

Let’s You Change It Up

The locals of any municipality are used to the tour cycles. They know what months bring the most tourists, and they respond accordingly. Therefore, traveling during a month like January gives you a more authentic view of wherever you are traveling. In addition, you may catch some local customs that you would have otherwise missed due to the influx of tourism.

Give You More Spontaneity

Fewer crowds mean fewer lines, which means more time for you. This will allow you to move through your itinerary quicker and let you be spontaneous. So go spend an hour in that cafe and take that stroll through a museum. Having nothing but time on your hands empowers you to actually live in the moment. And extra time lets you make sudden changes of plans that won’t have ramifications on your sightseeing.

Likely to Get Time Off

If you work Monday through Friday, the odds are many of your co-workers requested their time off during the summer and holidays. If you thought ahead and planned your trip in January, you’ll probably get that time approved. What’s more, January is usually a busier month for offices. Depending on the nature of your job, you could be living your best life while everyone else is stressing out.

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