Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Travelers

Looking to up your traveling game or challenge yourself in the new year? Here are some great ideas for New Year’s resolutions that are perfect for the constant wanderer or anyone wanting to focus on more traveling. Ready, set? Let’s travel!

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Travelers

If you’re unsure where to start, try these five suggestions for top New Year’s resolutions ideas for travelers:

1. Plan a Solo Trip

Traveling with friends is always fun. But how often do you get some time to travel by yourself? The feeling of traveling solo is liberating and will help you push your limits. This is why planning a solo trip is often one of the top New Year’s resolutions on people’s lists.

So whether you book a short weekend getaway or a week-long excursion, consider planning a solo trip. If you have reservations about traveling alone, consider all the fun and exciting people you could potentially meet. This is especially true if you travel to a metropolitan area.

2. Take Some Weekend Excursions

Traveling doesn’t have to be done all at once. For example, instead of taking one long trip, you could plan ahead and book several trips over multiple weekends. With this resolution, planning is everything. And if you arrange the proper transportation, a weekend excursion doesn’t necessarily have to be close by.

Additionally, you could plan these trips over a three-day weekend to give yourself even more time to explore. Even better, if you work Monday through Friday, you won’t have to use up any of your sick days! Pro tip: Be a tourist in your own backyard! So many great places can be experienced within a few hours from your home (especially if you live in Maryland!)

3. Try Something New

One of the best New Year’s resolutions is to try something new. Is an adventure still an adventure if it takes place entirely in your comfort zone? Make a resolution to step outside the box and do something new this year.

Is there a city nearby that you’ve wanted to explore? How about that lake you’re always hearing about? Is that band you really like but haven’t seen live playing a few states over? Or maybe it’s time to finally get that passport. There’s no time like the present when it comes to growing through new experiences.

4. Read a New Book: Always a Top New Year’s Resolutions

A list of top New Year’s resolutions wouldn’t be complete without literature. Unfortunately, with the busy grind of modern life, finding the time to read can be difficult. Fortunately, the nature of traveling provides plenty of time in-between destinations. So if you’ve got that one book that’s been staring at you from the shelf, bring it with you.

If books aren’t your thing, consider an audiobook or a podcast. Or learn a new language! There is a wealth of content out there today that is perfect for a long ride. If you have no idea what to select, your fellow travelers might be able to supply some recommendations.

5. Do Something Impactful

Many New Year’s resolutions center around making a difference in the world. Traveling provides a beautiful opportunity to impact someone else’s life positively.

So before you book your next trip, consider how you can make a difference. This could include volunteering for a youth program, cleaning up a highway, organizing a church function, or even cleaning up a beach. If you research the area you are traveling to, there is likely no shortage of ways to give back.

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