Top 5 Bachelorette Party Ideas in Maryland

Are you the bride or maid of honor? Well, either way, if you want some great ideas on how to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, we have your back. Say goodbye to the single life in the best way possible. And, we’re not talking about those played out tacky parties – you have more options than you think. We’re talking about gourmet food, lavish nightclubs, and therapeutic sightseeing. So, if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get down with your girlfriends, check out these 6 awesome bachelorette party ideas in Maryland.

1. Take a Wine Tour or Trail

You don’t have to fly out to wine country to have the same experience you can have right in Maryland. If you enjoy the finer things in life, a wine-tasting experience is a perfect way to celebrate with your friends. In fact, Maryland has so many wineries you might not want to pick just one! There are actual wine trails you can take. However, wine tours are very popular, so make sure you call ahead. Some wineries have other events, and you don’t want to arrive only to realize they are closed.

Bachelorette Party Ideas in Maryland - Assateague Wild Ponies on the Beach

Go see a group of wild ponies and horses of Assateague Island on the beach in Maryland.

2. Hit the Beach

Bachelorette parties aren’t just for night’s out, or one-day events. Make it a weekend trip to the beach! Get out in the sun, do some day drinking, and visit the waves. Everyone knows Ocean City is a great option. However, it isn’t the only beach in Maryland. There is also Assateague Island National Seashore, Calvert Cliffs State Park, Cherry Beach and more! Each one has it’s own vibe too. Also, here are some great ways to make your beach bachelorette party a success.

3. Go Glamping

Let’s be honest, while camping can be fun, for this type of party, it is all about being pampered. That is why instead of camping, go glamping. It’s a spa day and camping rolled into one. The best part? You can set it up yourself, or pick from luxurious options in Maryland. If you go the DIY way, think about getting it catered, bringing in a masseuse, and bring lots of pillows. It’s a great way to celebrate and unwind before a wedding.

Bachelorette Party Ideas in Maryland - Little Italy, Baltimore Maryland

Little Italy in Baltimore Maryland is one of the many places you can visit to experience great cuisine, wine, and a great time.

4. Make it a Culinary Experience

Is the bride a foodie? Well, Maryland has you covered. All you have to do is pick your city. This is like a grownup pub crawl. Try appetizers and drinks from a handful of places. For instance, downtown Annapolis is a great place to experience a variety of cuisine. And, Baltimore has so many areas to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Plus, Ellicott City is a great place to experience amazing food. You are only limited by your stomach.

5. Destination Day

Want to just have some fun and not make too many plans? There are options for that, too. If you are looking for something that brings out the kid in you, visit Six Flags. If you want a more sophisticated event, try Gaylord National. There is also Power Plant Live in Baltimore and Maryland Live! Casino. The great thing is each place has its perks. From a fun time to partying, you can get your friends together and celebrate.

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