School Buses Aren’t Just for Kids

Most people think of their childhood trips to school when they think of school buses. But school buses are useful in adulthood, too. You can host a road trip party or have a cool photoshoot. Buses bring fun and affordable transportation to any event or trip. Here are some ideas for using school buses as an adult.


Need a fresh setting to take pictures? School buses make photoshoots more interesting. There are many different themes you can embrace when taking photos on a school bus. In addition, school buses let you spice up back-to-school photoshoots for your kids.

Instead of the dreaded plain marble backdrop, show your kids in action on their favorite mode of school transportation. It will make for a memorable and engaging experience for your children. Senior pictures fit well with the school bus theme because they represent the last year of grade school. Your high schooler will enjoy striking cool poses in front of a school bus for the last time.

Road Trips

Traveling by bus can be a lot of fun for you and your friends. Road trips have the flexibility and freedom of a vacation while keeping you on the move. You can visit multiple cities and landmarks on the way to your final destination.

On clean, spacious buses, you and your friends have plenty of room to party. You can enjoy refreshments, music, and quality time together while leaving the driving to someone else. Between stops, you can gaze out the windows for added entertainment.

College Fun

As a college student, you’re old enough to go out and explore the world on your own. With school buses, your outings become nostalgic. So instead of cramming all of your buddies into a car, use a large school bus. You’ll create new, lasting memories.

Most college parties and trips involve big groups of people. A school bus can seat up to 44 passengers, making it the best choice for these college outings. You have much more legroom on a school bus than you would in a car as well.

Wedding Transportation

If you’re planning your wedding and want to make transportation memorable, school buses are the way to go. People who are expecting many guests at their weddings can easily get them to the venue using school buses. This mode of transport helps you avoid the added stress of gathering your guests in one place on time and makes getting around easy for out-of-town guests.

Additionally, your friends and family are bound to remember traveling to your big day on a school bus. If you have kids coming, they’ll surely feel special (and at home) riding on a school bus.

Short Trips

School bus travel is an excellent option for quick trips for organizations or companies on a budget. Be it your church group or a local sports team, it’s a fun and affordable way to travel. It is also great for storing a lot of luggage or equipment. There’s a lot of space to keep things and move around on school buses.

Rent School Buses from Chesapeake Charter

There are plenty of exciting ideas for school buses. If you want to host an event or make traveling easier, rent a bus from Chesapeake Charter. Our licensed drivers get you where you need to go safely and quickly. We have many affordable options so you can stick to your budget.

School buses aren’t just for kids. They make good photoshoot backdrops, party venues, and vacation transport for adults and families. Rent your school bus from Chesapeake Charter today!