7 Informative and Fun Maryland Field Trips

Being so close to D.C., it’s easy to overlook the plethora of amazing places you can visit in Maryland. At Chesapeake Charter, we happily have served as safe and reliable transportation for many school field trips. It’s an amazing opportunity to help teachers give kids the potential to learn outside the classroom. If you are looking for informative and fun Maryland field trips, here is our shortlist. Have suggestions? Let us know!

1. Maryland Symphony Orchestra

Categories: Indoors, Music Education, Grades K-College

What kid doesn’t love music? Okay, so this might not be Justin Beiber, however music appreciation can come from any genre. At the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, they provide FREE concert tickets to select classical performances. This is for all grade levels. Located in historic Maryland Theatre in downtown Hagerstown, it has a variety of programs for students.

And it’s not just for grade school either. While college students aren’t free, they are still eligible for $10 discounted tickets to select performances. Improve your students’ musical awareness and give them an experience of a lifetime at the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

2. Arlington Echo

Categories: Outdoors, Hands-On, Environmental Science, Grades K-12

Did you know Maryland became the first state in the nation to require environmental literacy as a graduation requirement? It’s no wonder given how important our Chesapeake Bay is to us. While Arlington Echo has been around for nearly 50 years, in 1971 it was purchased by AACPS. It now serves as an outdoor education site. They work to provide interdisciplinary outdoor education for all students and teachers in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

In addition to providing school-based curricula, they have many programs to choose from. They also provide information on how schools can be more green. All around it is a great way to get kids involved and reach their education requirements in a fun, hands-on way.

Port Discovery-Fun Maryland Field Trips

Port Discovery’s new exhibit is an impressive 4-story interactive playground. Build confidence and motor skills (and get some of that energy out) on their SkyClimber.

3. Port Discovery

Categories: Indoors, Hands-on, STEM, Arts & Culture, Music, Early Education

This one’s just for the little guys. Port Discovery is a great non-profit children’s museum. Geared for 5th grade and under, this is truly a hands-on experience for kids. All their programs support the school standards in a unique fun way.

You can choose from planned activities or have the kids explore their new four-story SkyClimber. While not free, it won’t break the bank either. At $10/child and required chaperones free, it is a fun, low-cost way to get kids out and learning. All groups must have a minimum of 15 children to get group rates. Port Discovery is also ADA accessible and committed to being an inclusive environment for all people. Learn more on their website.

4. Maryland Science Center

Categories: Indoors, Hands-On, Science, Grades Pre K-12

This is probably one of the coolest facilities that really is geared for kids to learn all about science. From astronomy to the human body – it’s packed with awesome exhibits for every age. The best part? All Maryland Schools visit for FREE to their general admission exhibits. Just to show how much they are here for teachers and students, they have a field trip guide. It lists everything by grade and commonly asked questions. It also helps you budget for other exhibits and lunches.

While getting out of the classroom is fun, sometimes it isn’t always feasible. That is why they also offer traveling science programs both for the whole school or just a class! All are hands-on experiences and great ways to learn more about their world and beyond.

5. The Baltimore Museum of Art

Categories: Indoors, Tour, Art Education, Grades Pre K-12

If you didn’t already know the Baltimore Museum of Art has an internally renowned collection of contemporary, modern and 19th-century art. It was founded in 1914 with one painting. Now it was over 95,000. The BMA welcomes around 25,000 students every school year to learn more about their collections and exhibitions. Their guided tours range from Art that Tells Stories, to Portraits & Personalities. They also have an African American Artists tour and a specific K-5 Artful Animals tour.

Each tour has friendly, knowledgeable gallery teachers to lead your students on a path of discovery through art. Added bonus? It’s FREE! Although, if possible, they ask for a small donation of $2/student to help keep these educational programs at low to no cost for everyone. BMA also has great teacher resource online we recommend you check out.

Anita C. Leight Estuary Center - Fun Maryland Field Trips

Anita C. Leight Estuary Center partners with Harford County Parks and Recreation, Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve – Maryland, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Izaak Walton League of America, and the Otter Point Creek Alliance.

6. Anita C. Leight Estuary Center

Categories: Outdoors, Hands-On, Environmental Science, Grades 2-12

This research and education facility is dedicated to increasing appreciation and understanding of estuaries. It allows students to learn more about our amazing Chesapeake Bay through school programs optimized for their grade levels. For elementary students, they have Estuary Ecology where they can learn about the watersheds and estuaries through fun activities. Or to get more hands-on, a Wetland Animal and Plant adaptations program where they interact with animals like turtles, fish, birds, and beavers.

For middle school and high school, they have a canoe based Estuarine Ecology program or Otter Point Creek Environmental Survey. Both use more technology and take science one step further. You can learn about their programs on their website. It’s a great way to have fun and learn about our wonderful Maryland waterways.

7. Terrapin Adventures

Categories: Outdoors, Team-Building, Adventurous, Grades 5-12

Sometimes the greatest field trips are just plain fun! And that is exactly what you get at Terrapin Adventures. Great for classes, school clubs, sports team and more. The minimum requirement is that students be at least 8 years of age, 4 feet tall and over 80 lbs. Other than that, there are so many packages to choose from!

From building bonding moments to challenging courses, these programs are geared to have kids learning and working together. Think cooperation, creative problem solving, and uplifting activities. All skills kids can bring back to the classroom. While this isn’t on the cheap side, the benefits are well worth it. And for every 10 kids, one chaperone gets in free. Lunch options are also available. Check out all Terrapin Adventures overs on their website.

We Can Get You There!

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it has some great places to visit. Kids learning outside the classroom helps them inside the classroom as well. And if you need transportation, Chesapeake Charter is here for you. Our drivers are certified professionals and are compliant with all DOT regulations. We are also the most recommended and used school bus charter company through Anne Arundel County and beyond. Not sure what you need? Call us today or request a quote online. Let’s make this school year one to remember!