Best Places to Visit on the East Coast in 2020

Are you ready to hit the pavement and drive on the open road? Before you pack your bags and fill up the gas tank, you need to pick a location. If you’re searching for the best places to visit for your next road trip, you’ve come to the right place.
Whether you’re looking for sunny beach towns, misty mountains, or a city’s hustle and bustle, there are so many sights worth seeing on the east coast. Better yet, all you need is a car, a map, and a few details to make the most out of your new year getaway. To help pinpoint the perfect destination, check out the following cities that are all within driving range of Maryland.

Cape May, NJ

best places to visit Cape May

Pictured: St. Mary by The Sea, in Cape May Point, New Jersey.

Located on the southern tip of New Jersey, Cape May is the oldest seaside resort in America. Speckled with Victorian style, visitors can expect t o find charming bed and breakfasts, winery tours, and seafood overlooking the harbor. Additionally, you can find pristine beaches and endless sunsets.

Hot Springs, VA

Did you know that 23 U.S. presidents have visited this destination? Filled with mineral-rich warm springs, Hot Springs, Virginia is perfect for those looking for a relaxing getaway. As a result, visitors can indulge in natural thermal springs, which often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, at various resorts.

New York City, NY

An east coast road trip list isn’t complete without mentioning the big apple. New York City is full of endless Broadway shows, ‘foodie’ restaurants, and museums. How can you make sure you’re not missing any action? Check out the following boroughs:

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
best places to visit Lake Wallenpaupack

Pictured: Lake Wallenpaupack, seen from the shore of the Willsonville Recreation Area.

Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Looking to get back to nature? Nestled in the Poconos Mountains, Lake Wallenpaupack offers paddle boarding, hiking, fishing, and more. With beautiful views of the 13-mile lake, you can either camp or stay at local lodges suitable for both families and couples.

Philadelphia, PA

Full of rich American history, Philadelphia offers many popular sites like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Likewise, the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ is full of top restaurants, attractions, and even parks if you’re looking to escape the city vibe for a few hours.

Providence, RI

While Providence is a farther drive, it’s well worth the miles. Coupled with small-town friendliness and luxurious hotels, visitors can enjoy renowned restaurants, historic attractions, and top universities. Above all, Providence has undergone a transformation in the last 50 years that’s filled with art and unique neighborhoods.

Williamsburg, VA

best places to visit Williamsburg

Pictured: The historic streets of Williamsburg, Virginia in the fall.

Colonial Williamsburg is a step back to the 18th century. Featuring original colonial buildings, taverns, and art museums, you can even learn how to make traditional butter or fire a musket. During your time, visit the various reenactments to understand what life was like in historic America.

Rehoboth Beach, DE

With an award-winning boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach includes an unspoiled coastline, kayaking, ferry rides, surfing, and plenty of historical venues. Additionally, drool-worthy restaurants and a booming nightlife are near. Great for all ages, Rehoboth Beach has something for everyone.

Best Places to Visit for Your Dream Road Trip

Ready to drive to some of the best places to visit on the east coast? With your destination picked, all you need to do is program it into your GPS and hit the road. And, if you want to kick back and enjoy the sites, Chesapeake Charter is available for east coast sightseeing tours. Contact us today at (410) 757-3000 for more information.