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Sometimes choosing your carrier is the hardest when planning your transportation needs. There are facts you may need to know before booking your trip. See the tips below to help you plan your perfect trip.

Unplanned Stops and Special Detours: What you should know

  • Your Driver can drive up to 10 hours, then must have 8 hours off duty before driving again.
  • Your driver may work for up to 15 hours, which includes both driving and non-driving duties. Once the 15 hours limit is reached, the driver must have 8 hours off duty before driving again.
  • Your driver may work up to 70 hours in any 8 day period, which includes driving and non-driving duties. A driver may not drive after reaching that limit.

  • The consequences of exceeding these limits:

  • Your driver will be put "out of service" on the spot, during a surprise state or federal roadside inspection of your drive's log book, severely delaying your group while another driver is located and transported to your motorcoach.
  • Further penalties to your driver and the bus company could threaten their livelihoods.

United Motorcoach Association (UMA) online consumer tips emphasize the need to select a carrier based on safety first. They help Motorcoach shopper's to ask the right questions. Click on the link below and the UMA will help you decide which carrier is best for you.

Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). We participate in the MBA (Military Bus Agreement) Program. We are an approved carrier to provide ground transportation to all DoD travelers. As an approved carrier for DoD we must undergo a facility, terminal and equipment inspection every two years. DTMO monitors carriers™ performance for continued MBA compliance.

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